Rate Support

Rate Section Duties

The following is a general description of section duties to help with an understanding of which personnel are responsible for which functions. Actual duties for each position are described in Work Performance Standards. 

  • Support Administrative Services Officer IV and Administrator with cost pools, cost allocations, cost basis, and rate calculations 
  • Collect State Wide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) information from agencies for SWCAP consultant use
  • Collect and process Procurement Card rebates to agencies
  • Establish billing schedule, ensuring alignment with agencies revenue/timing needs
  • Generate agency billing and cost allocation information according to established billings
  • Maintain agency billing contacts and account coding for Snatch-and-Grabs (Shared responsibility with Accounts Receivable
  • Reconcile agency billing between Nevada Executive Budget Systems (NEBS), Datamart, IGOR, and Data Warehouse of Nevada (DAWN)
  • Perform client agency inventory
  • Perform ASD Annual Survey and distribute results to ASD Leadership
  • Collect data (on behalf of client agency) for Legislative Council Bureau (LCB) Audit, Governorn's Office of Internal Audit, Internal and External Auditors
  • Coordinate with section liaison to establish and maintain Division Policy and Procedures
  • Collect and maintain Annual Performance Measure data for entry into NEBS
  • Perform post-audit verification of client agency fiscal transactions
  • Send agency requests for Performance Measures during budget submission
  • Prepare relevant portion of Internal Controls Reports in coordination with agencies
  • Serve as primary contact point for IGOR, ASD Business Site, and ASD external website maintenance


    Statewide Cost Allocation Plans (SWCAP)

    Which plan should I use?

    Agencies preparing indirect cost rates which include central services should use the most recently approved (“FINAL”) SWCAP plan. Per 2 CFR 200 Appendix VII, Section D.1.d:

    d. Indirect cost proposals must be developed (and, when required, submitted) within six months after the close of the governmental unit's fiscal year, unless an exception is approved by the cognizant agency for indirect costs. If the proposed central service cost allocation plan for the same period has not been approved by that time, the indirect cost proposal may be prepared including an amount for central services that is based on the latest federally-approved central service cost allocation plan. The difference between these central service amounts and the amounts ultimately approved will be compensated for by an adjustment in a subsequent period.

    While the regulation uses the word “may” when describing use of the most recently approved plan, according to guidance the Administrative Services Division has received from our SWCAP Consultant, the alternative is to not include central services costs at all.