Budget Section Duties

The following is a general description of section duties to help with an understanding of which personnel are responsible for which functions. Actual duties for each position are described in Work Performance Standards.

  • ¬†Understand client agency operations/programs sufficiently to provide adequate justification and explanation for budget building and work programs
  • Provide guidance with respect to regulations, state processes, advise, and risk for agency requests
  • Build budgets with assistance from agencies
  • Fiscal year closing and opening
  • Assist with Legislative Council Bureau (LCB) Audits, Governor's Office of Internal Audit, and external audits
  • Assist agencies with Fiscal Note responses
  • Monitor Agency spend
    • Review ASD Business Site requests and approve for budgetary authority
      • PO requests, Procurement Card (P-Card) requests, contract requests, service orders
      • Travel requests and claims
    • Grant reconciliation and assist with reporting
    • Debt service and General Fund Loan reconciliation
  • Completion of Single Audit Reporting (SARF)
  • Work with agencies to develop accurate fiscal year end projections
    • Revenue
    • Expenses (including Payroll)
  • Prepare Work Programs
  • Meet regularly with client agencies and provide budget status updates
    • Monthly reporting of budget status and operating statement
    • Bi-monthly in person meetings
  • Liaise with Contracts Section to ensure contracts are properly funded
  • Liaise with Governor's Finance Office on budgetary and fiscal matters
  • Liaise with Legislative Council Bureau on budgetary and fiscal matters


    Daniel Marlow
    Administrative Srvcs Officer III
    (775) 684-0282