Accounting & Payroll

Accounting and Payroll Duties

The following is a general description of section duties to help with an understanding of which personnel are responsible for which functions.  Actual duties for each position are described in Work Performance Standards.


  • Accounts Payable (including processing/paying invoices within 3 business days of receipt)
  • Monitor and reconcile purchase orders
  • Monitor Budget Status Report for pending transactions
  • Accounts Receivable- create invoices and billing claims from data provided by client agencies, after auditing data for obvious mistakes
  • Print and distribute Billing Claims and Invoices
  • Key Snatch and Grab Transactions, audit for obvious mistakes and notify Management Analyst (MA) Team
  • Maintain agency billing contacts and account coding for snatch and grab (shared responsibility with MA Team)
  • Monitor Aged Accounts Receivable balances and perform collections
  • Accountant Technicians support Budget Section with limited budget building functions as needed
  • Liaise with client agencies an all other sections of Administrative Services Division (ASD) on all accounting matters, provide guidance, advice, and collaboration 


  • Pay clerk
  • Personnel
  • Liaise between ASD and Division of Human Resource Management (DHRM)
  • Provide back-up to front desk position

    Agency Guidance

    Accounts Payable Forms

    A/P Phone: (775) 684-0273

    Accounts Receivable

    A/R Hotline:  (775) 684-0232


    Payroll Contact:
    Stacey Dunlap
    Accounting Assistant IV
    (775) 684-0277