Frequently Asked Questions

Training FAQs

What if I am a new employee or I have transferred from one agency to another and do not have access to NEATS but need to sign up for a class, what do I do?

Employees may be registered manually by the instructor for a particular class. In order to be manually enrolled, e-mail the following information to:

Include the class names and dates along with the employee’s name, employee’s title, employee’s phone number, employee’s e-mail address and the agency name. Note: If they do not yet have a work phone or work e-mail set up, provide their supervisor's work phone and work e-mail address.

How do I get access to ADVANTAGE?

In order to gain access to the ADVANTAGE Financial program, employees must complete both the ADVANTAGE Financial training class and complete the ADVANTAGE User Establishment Form.

Who do I contact if I have any general accounting questions or need assistance with ADVANTAGE, DAWN, Discoverer or Vista Plus?

Contact the Financial Help Desk at the State Controller’s Office at (775) 684-5654 or you may e-mail them at:

I completed the ADVANTAGE Financial training. How do I get access to ADVANTAGE?

Did you complete the User Establishment Form and submit it to the State Controller’s Office? If so, contact the Financial Help Desk at (775) 684-5654 for assistance.

Where do I find the User Establishment Form for ADVANTAGE?

The form is located on the State Controller’s web site at:

ADVANTAGE requires recertification every two years. How do I take complete recertification?

There are numerous way to recertify in ADVANTAGE. To locate information about recertification, navigate to the State Controller’s web site at:

Where can I locate the “Mandatory Training Requirements for State of Nevada Employees”?