New Employees or Manual Additions to Class Rosters

If you are a new employee to the State or you are an employee who has transferred from one agency to another and do not currently have access to NEATS and need to sign up for a class, what do you do?

    Send the following information via e-mail to:
    • Employee’s Name
    • Employee’s Title
    • Employee’s Work Phone
    • Employee’s Work E-Mail Address
    • Agency Name and Agency Number
    • Class name and class date

      You will then be manually added to the class roster by the instructor.  After the employee has completed the course and an official NEATS account has been registered, the instructor will drop them from the class as a “manual add” and re-register them using their official account. The employee will then be provided credit for completing the class. An automatic e-mail from the NEATS program will automatically generate as each step is completed provided that they employee has registered an e-mail address in their NEATS account.

        For instructions on how to navigate NEATS, employees can navigate to the NEATS Handbook located at:  Instructions are provided to register for a class, drop a class as well as completing online class evaluations.

          After the employee has access to NEATS they should ensure that the contact information/e-mail address listed for them in NEATS is correct or has been updated to their current contact information.

            Please assist your new employee with directions to the appropriate training location. If the employee is more than 15 minutes late for a class or leaves more than 15 minutes prior to the end of the class they will not receive credit for the class.

              Please Note: Class materials still need to be printed by the employee and brought to their class date as the instructor does not provide them in the classroom.