ADVANTAGE Recertification

This is a re-certification course for the ADVANTAGE Financial system and its completion is required every two years.

    ADVANTAGE users may elect to complete their recertification either in the classroom or online regardless of their physical location. If you wish to complete in the classroom, register in NEATS. This is a 7-hour class.


    There is also an exam only version available to those users who feel they do not need to complete a full training class.  The exam only version is available on the NVe-Learn site.

      Class Downloads: Print each of the items listed below and bring them to class with you:

      2018 Class Dates       
      January 18th February 14th March 14th April 11th
      May 9th June 20th Cancelled Cancelled
      Cancelled October 10th November 15th TBD

        Still have questions?

        If you need an enrollment key for the ADVANTAGE Recertification class, need to inquire about special profile requirements or just need additional information about recertification, navigate to the State Controller's Office intranet page at:

        For any other questions, contact the Financial Help Desk at the State Controller's Office at (775) 684-5654.