Need training and you are outside the Reno/Carson City area?

If you are in the Elko or Las Vegas areas you qualify to take the ADVANTAGE Financial Training or DAWN Basic Navigation classes online through the State of Nevada Online Professional Development Center at:

    To obtain a course key to enter the online version of one of these courses, please send an e-mail request to:

      Include the following information in your request:

      • Your Full Name and Title
      • Your Agency Name
      • Your Physical Work Location
      • Your Work Phone Number
      • Your Work E-Mail address

        Upon verification that you are outside of the Reno/Carson City area, the Controller's Office will forward an enrollment key to you via e-mail to access the online class. In order to properly receive credit, make sure that you complete all requirements in the online course including the "Certificate of Completion".

          Should I use “NVAPPS” or “NEATS”?

          NVAPPS (External) -
          NVAPPS is used to access the NEATS program as an external user. This program is usually used for applying for positions with the State of Nevada as well as accessing your NEATS account from outside of the State’s firewall, for example, if you are accessing your NEATS account from home.

          NEATS (Internal) -
          To access NEATS as a State employee while at work, use your "internal" or "State" access to NEATS. Employees can edit their time sheets, update their contact information, register for training classes, etc.

          If you have questions or need assistance with NVAPPS or NEATS, contact the HR/NEATS help desk directly at (775) 687-9099.

            What if I don't have access to my "NEATS" account yet?

            You may access the online version of the ADVANTAGE Financial Training or DAWN Basic Navigation classes using your "external" NEATS account. You will need to:

            1. Contact the State Controller’s Office to request and obtain a "key code" including the information listed above.
            2. Log into the NVe-Learn training site using your "external" (NVAPPS) credentials (see “Log-in & Course  Enrollment Instructions” on the NVe-Learn site).
            3. Complete the course and complete your “Certificate of Completion”.
            4. Provide a copy of your “Certificate of Completion” to your agency’s training coordinator. Your training coordinator can then manually record the completion of the course in your “State NEATS account” so that it appears on your official transcript.